Thyroid Medication

I take compounded thyroid every morning 1/2 hour before intake of food. I just received my first bottle of D-Chiro and the instructions seem to be the same in the morning same time before food intake. What is the conflict if any for absorption of my thyroid medication - if taken at same time as the D-chiro-inositol? Please advise.


Hi Annie— 
It is not known whether or not D-chiro-inositol affects the absorption of thyroid medications. For that reason, Chiral Balance recommends taking our DCI later in the day*, either before your mid-day meal or last meal of the day, at the same time each day. Thank you for your question and we will be adding a more thorough discussion of DCI and thyroid medications to the knowledge base as soon as possible.

*Since this was written, we've modified our recommendation for when to take DCI if you are taking thyroid medication: follow the recommendation for when it is okay to eat food. That is, if you must wait 90 minutes before eating food, then wait 90 minutes to take your DCI. 

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