Is DCI Made in China?

I placed an order to try this DCI for 1 month to check it out, but am concerned this D-chiro-inositol is from China or somewhere that I do not trust - please advise. 

Hi Annie—

Chiral Balance DCI is manufactured in South Korea*, in compliance with the country's strict FDA regulations. South Korea doesn't suffer from the lack of oversight and regulation that may have allowed Chinese manufactures to put dangerous products on the market. Chiral Balance DCI is imported to the United States, at which point it undergoes additional testing for pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens, and more chemicals to confirm that it meets United States FDA standards Chiral Balance D-chiro-inositol is put into capsules and bottles at a cGMP facility in Florida. Chiral Balance DCI has been safely used by thousands of customers since 2005.

*Since that answer was written six years ago, we have begun contracting with Euronutra to manufacture our DCI. Euronutra is located in Malaga, Spain, and is subject to rigorous testing and licensure under the laws of Spain and the EU. Furthermore, Euronutra is an FDA-inspected facility. 

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