DCI Test?

I am obese and have PCOS. How do I know if I have DCI deficiency? Is it assumed that I do since I have been diagnosed with PCOS? I read the only way to test for DCI is through a muscle biopsy. Is it possible to overload the body with DCI? I know I'm being skeptical. I have read the studies and the outcomes seem to good to be true. I guess I just can't believe My doctors have never told me about this supplement. Thank you for the information! 

Hi Theresa—
PCOS is a complicated syndrome which likely has numerous causes and aggravating factors. There is not a commercial test for DCI levels, although a urinalysis is possible and may become commercially available at some point in the future. 
Since DCI is water soluble and a natural human metabolite, it would take an extreme amount of Chiral Balance DCI to cause any adverse affects, the worst of which would probably be diarrhea and resulting dehydration. This is not a concern if taken as directed. 
The studies were peer-reviewed and published in highly respected journals so there is no cause for concern about their validity. That said, skepticism is healthy, and it is important to note that the reported results are the average of several women, some of whom responded very positively and some of whom may not have responded at all. In fact, given the many facets and factors of PCOS, it is unlikely that DCI will work for everyone equally well. However, we provide a money back guarantee* on any customer's first order to accommodate that fact. 
And, don't be surprised that your doctors never told you about Chiral Balance DCI. The average woman with PCOS will see six doctors before getting a correct diagnosis, and then she will almost invariably be prescribed metformin and/or oral contraceptives. A nutritional approach like Chiral Balance DCI is easy to overlook.

*We don't like to call it a guarantee anymore. It is important to understand that not every woman with PCOS will see benefit from DCI therapy. Not every woman develops PCOS as a result of insulin resistance; not all women develop insulin resistance as a result of DCI deficiency. That's why we don't call it a guarantee. Instead, we would like you to know that you can try DCI risk-free for up to 60 days. If DCI doesn't help you, let us know and we will refund your purchase. We want you to find the solution for your PCOS!

One thing that has not changed since this was written: it is still difficult for PCOS women to find the help that they need. Awareness is rising, but PCOS is still overlooked all too often. And many doctors still do not do enough to help women with PCOS. It is imperative that you advocate for yourself—learn as much as you can about PCOS and your situation in particular. Find a doctor that listens to you and treats you well. It will make all the difference.

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